Jane Fogal

Halton Regional Councillor


I was first elected to Halton Hills Town Council in 1997 and was elected as a Halton Regional Councillor in 2003 and have served continuously for past 25 years.

I hold a B.A. in Physical Education from Western University and a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology from Ottawa U. My work background is in municipal recreation programming and parks planning.

My personal interests include cycling, squash, tennis, and gardening

As a Councillor, I am interested in managing the Town and The Region in a manner that ensures a bright future for our community. I believe we have a responsibility to create efficient, cost effective, communities that facilitate active transportation and transit and promote equity and inclusion. Sprawling development is wasteful of prime agricultural land, leads to tax increases due to inefficiencies in the provision of services, and generates unacceptable levels of green house gas emissions.

I have been advocating for an end to urban sprawl as a means of achieving growth in Ontario and received the 2022 Ontario Nature Award for Public Service for my work. We can’t stop growing but we can change how we grow.

I have been leading the Halton Hills green house gas reduction strategy to address the Climate Change crisis. I also co-chair Halton Hills Climate Action, a volunteer group advocating for climate action by all levels of government.

I am Chair of the Halton Hills Active Transportation Committee and the Halton Hills Bike It Committee. I have been advocating for trails and cycling infrastructure for the past 20 years. As a result of this work I was honoured to receive the Bicycle Leadership Award from the Ontario Share the Road Coalition.

I am a founding member of the Friends of the Old Seed House Garden and co-chaired the fundraising campaign for the Garden that raised over $400,000 in cash and in-kind donations. The Old Seed House Garden is a gem and something that I am proud to be associated with.

I am a longtime member of the Board of Directors for the Downtown Georgetown Business Improvement Area and believe our downtown is an economic, cultural and social hotspot for the town that deserves our full support.

I have represented Halton Hills at Halton Regional Council for 19 years. During that time I have built strong relationships and become one of the most effective and respected councillors on Regional Council.

I am proud of achieving a zero urban boundary expansion for the Halton Regional Official Plan Review, and protection for 5000 acres of prime agricultural land.

My achievements also include a strong Halton Hills action plan on Climate Change, completion of the Hungry Hollow Trail Network, adoption of a Cultural Master Plan, approval of an affordable housing project, vast improvements in safer cycling infrastructure, a pilot project to reduce speed limits on local roads and succeeded in bringing regional support services into our youth centres.


Don Ablett Endorses Jane Fogal

Betty D’Oliveira Local Realtor – Royal Lepage

Endorses Jane Fogal

I’ve been fortunate to know Jane Fogal for almost 30 years and don’t know anyone who loves our community more and who is driven by integrity and compassion more than Jane. She has my vote wholeheartedly. 

Betty and Jane at the Hospital Foundation Walk

Betty D’Oliveira,

Awarded the municipal Leadership Award 2022 from Ontario Nature



Ola Jiskra Endorses Jane Fogal

Jane and Ola

“I always have and always will cast my vote based on which candidate will protect and fight for the human rights I believe we all deserve in this municipality.  We deserve someone that understands the balance of town growth while protecting our green spaces. My vote is with Jane Fogal”.

Ola Jiskra – Generations Physiotherapy, Owner

Janet Duval Endorses Jane Fogal

I don’t know anyone who works harder and longer for her constituents and for the greater good than Jane does. Remember how she led the charge to save 5000 acres of Halton farmland last spring? That successful effort inspired seven other Stop Sprawl groups in Ontario and earned her the 2022 Ontario Nature Award for Public Service. 

Jane has also been organizing cycling programs and paths in Halton Hills for 20 years, co-leading our Halton Hills Climate Action group for three years, advocating for trails and parks, and much more. 

After all that she has done for our town, the Region and to stop the climate threat, I’m supporting her every way I can.

Janet Duval Co-Founder with Jane of Halton Hills Climate Action and Stop Sprawl Halton

Rob Thompson Endorses Jane Fogal

Rob Thompson and Jane

Since moving here to Georgetown eight years ago I was impressed and continue to be impressed by the strength, integrity, leadership and commitment of Jane Fogal to keeping this a good place to live in and making it even better. This includes inspiring a strong community spirit as well as tireless efforts to promote sustainability and to alleviate the most important issue the modern world faces – the climate crisis. Without question I endorse her candidacy for Regional Councillor. 

Rob Thompson Resident of Georgetown

Dr. Don Trant Endorses Jane Fogal

Jane is the only choice for Regional Council.

Do you enjoy The Old Seed Garden? Thank Jane!

Do you enjoy the local trail network? Thank Jane!

Did you know that the Region will accommodate future growth and save farmland?

Bike lanes…there is a long list

Thank Jane!

Experienced. Smart. Effective and influential leader. Our voice at Regional Council.’

Dr. Don Trant retiered family physician and former Administrator of Georgetown Hospital

Mary Lou Trant Endorses Jane Fogal

Jane Fogal is the only choice in this election. As an elementary teacher in Georgetown for many years, I believe that we owe this new generation very effort to fight climate change. Active living and enjoying the natural world are life lessons –  Jane has a vision and supports these goals every day.

 Mary Lou Trant

Jeanne Gray Endorses Jane Fogal

Jane Fogal is a consummate professional who has demonstrated strong commitment and leadership for many years in Halton Region.  Always well prepared, Jane digs into the tough issues in the region.  Jane’s years of experience and regional knowledge is reflected in her strong voice at the table.  More than ever, we need Jane Fogal in the role of Regional Councilor to defend the regional official plan and to improve access to regional services in Halton Hills. 

Jeanne Gray Halton Public School Board Trustee

Councillor Duddeck Endorses Jane Fogal

Councillor Cathy Duddeck

I have served alongside Jane at the regional level for over 10 years and you couldn’t ask for a more dedicated and hardworking representative.  She has been a strong advocate for the Halton Hills community and has provided representatives, such as myself, valuable insight into the issues facing her community and as a result garnered my support.

Having her strong voice at the regional table is crucial as we face increasing demands on how we grow in the future!

Halton Regional Councillor Cathy Duddeck, Town of Oakville

Coucillor Elgar Endorses Jane Fogal

Councillor Allan Elgar

I have been working beside Jane at Regional Council for many years. She is a councillor who speaks up and puts forward meaningful arguments to support important causes. She was particularly effective in rallying the community to save farmland. She also worked behind the scenes at convincing councillors to vote for growth within our existing urban boundaries. This was a significant achievement for Halton

Allan Elgar, Regional Councillor , Town of Oakville

Get in touch

Jane can be reached at jane.fogal@gmail.com 905 877 5806

Community Leadership

Bennett Healthcare Centre – Board Chair

Bennett Healthcare Centre – Gallery Building Committee

Old Seed House Garden fundraisng and construction volunteer

Founder of Halton Hills Climate Action

Founding member of Stop Sprawl Halton

Bike It Volunteer

Old Seed House Garden

Jane has been publishing commentary and advocacy articles on issues that affect our community since 2014. Issues presented range from managing growth, to speeding in neighbourhoods, to climate change to why we must save farmland.

Click BLOG POSTS at the top of this page for insights into Jane’s priorities and activism. These blogs illustrate the passion and experience that Jane brings to the table at both Halton Hills and Halton Regional Councils

Jane Fogal has been at the forefront leading new important initiatives for over 20 years as a councillor and as a community volunteer. Whether it was leading the development of the trail system or declaring a climate emergency Jane took the lead and ran with it.

For commentary on a host of issued, click on BLOG POSTS at the top of the homepage. By reading through these posts, you will find that Jane has a very deep range of interests and actions, all of which have benefited the community. Many of these initiatives need continued expertise and initiative to keep them going. Jane is ready to step up and keep the momentum going.